Balancing these cons work on the body, due to a few reasons of objectivity and subjectivity has become the actual wishes of the mature woman.

Age should perform cosmetic surgery body

About 60-70% of women to find the basis of aesthetic surgery age from 30 to 50, the women usually married, has 1-2 children, have financial autonomy as well as more aware of their presence in society.

However, they begin to have the defect and the body not also be perfect as before due to the process of birth and child rearing, due to the change in age and nutrition … But overall, women from age 18 to 20, meaning has passed puberty, the body has developed is complete can use cosmetic measures. And even after the age of 70, they remained on the next can perform cosmetic surgery for a body part.

The method body cosmetic surgery popularity

Talking to the body cosmetic surgery, we can think about cosmetic surgery in three regions: the region of the chest, the abdomen and the buttocks. Out of this plastic surgery buttock constituted the most modest amount, every 30 chests or abdominal surgery a buttock cosmetic surgery.

This was interpreted by some objective and subjective factors. On the current trends in cosmetic surgery not high as the ass chest and abdomen, and buttocks is less affected by childbirth and breastfeeding.

The defect in the upper chest and abdomen often gets angry when dressed, while fashion fit physique can cover a maximum of the defective region of Mongolia. Besides, the plastic surgery ass always requires a complex post-operative care and more strict in the abdomen and chest.

Aesthetic surgery of the chest generally consists of the type of surgery such as breast pockets, hanging saggy chest set, collapse the chest, breast, nipple or Halo formation back to the breast after mastectomy surgery. The type of surgery has when performing each type individually or in combination as the latest shirt pocket with saggy breasts hanging …

Abdominal cosmetic surgery is the main purpose for forming the second round, again toned. Can abdominal liposuction only or accompanied by abdominal liposuction tummy tucks wrinkle, cracks, bad due to pregnancy.

For the purpose of just fat reduction and abdominal region, the woman may require other methods of mechanical liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, laser, or other methods such as RF (radiofrequency), Cavitation (create empty cavity in grease cavity), Cryo Cooling (freezing destroy FAT) …

Each of the above methods all have differences, the method should apply and that best suits each individual will be explained more clearly through the process of exchanges and direct advice from your doctor, specialist in cosmetic surgery. With the type of abdominal surgery with tummy below, in addition to the substantive help two compact and firm also helped remove the abdominal skin under the wrinkle, cracking due to pregnancy.

Buttock surgery includes surgery helps increase the size by placing silicone gel, lubricant pumps, bags or make thick … for the case collapses (Bulgarian) or butt lifting surgery (hanging) the butt for saggy cases.

Preparation before surgery

Firstly, each person before deciding on surgery have to read, learn and specific details to have a basic knowledge about the type of surgery your body as before to the consulting physician. This consultation will help the sisters having sufficient information to discuss the needs of cosmetic surgery with the doctor, as well as can learn to be a doctor’s degree, specialist in cosmetic surgery.

Besides finding out information before surgery will help the woman can choose doctors and cosmetic surgery facility fit, professional quality assurance for his cosmetic surgery times.

One important thing is that women need to exchange with the family.