What colour hair dye beauty of 2016? Dyed hair color would match with short hair, long hair? The current hair trends no longer love the bright colours like red purple, green moss, lime that returned to the near-natural hair color should Brown very nuts are my favorite. If you are looking to refresh ourselves but could not choose a new hairstyle, try new hair color under here, will certainly bring a new beauty for you. …

Latest hair dyeing trends of this year is still the OMBRE, but is the contrast in a way gentler, smoother. Although brown hair or blonde is black hair, you should also not too bright color options, so if you want to pursue the right famous trend that the world is “insanity”. However, this hairstyle will still more beautiful if you own a shoulder length hair down in hair salon …

Yellow brown

Yellow-brown nuts fit many skin colors are always many sisters choose. According to some Beauty Salon the hair dye of beautiful chestnut brown trendy Korean style is very much the star colors kpop selection for yourself Crown the skin color perfectly. Chestnut brown and not too bright nor too dark brings to the novelties in the Crown hair color looks feminine tenderness for their daughter.

If to have white skin, you should stay away from the hair color dyed bright red or yellow as fresh. Affective chestnut brown fits with many faces, different skin color. In contrast, in the first months of the year 2016, the trendy girls tend to choose the hair color brighter and more brilliant.

Lemon yellow

Hair dyed color lemon yellow is also very hot. The lemon-yellow dyed hair trends are not new but will not be obsolete by this is a very colorful “cocoon master”. This hair color will bring you an outstanding and impressive novel style but also has a higher requirement on other skin color, hair color as well as combining with the outfit.

Long hair is also not afraid to dye. If you have white skin, the hair color is very suitable for you, you need to do is choose a suitable hairstyle to the face to create the perfect beauty to yourself.

Blonde ton brighter skin tone

If your skin is not white but very “links” lemon yellow, please choose a hairstyle with the manicured Street to create a personal style. More hairstyles short hair and hair salon, haircut, bob is the most beautiful present.

In addition, the highlights are also very attracted to the young. With his daughter, the dyed hair highlight has become a concept so familiar favourites, as do the curly or straight. But the problem is that, because it seemed so familiar, so you often … Deputy wearing them and don’t give time out to find out how the new highlight: dyed is beautiful, is true. So, the results sometimes are the highlight look very awesome-that why many beauty salon choose it!

This dye-type allows you to be able to part the background is a dark color, but add to that the other few brighter color. So, to make sure that you have a hairstyle that highlight beautiful and attract the eye admired by everyone around, make sure you have read the post below very carefully to understand about hair highlight.

With this hairstyle, the hairs are dyed layer will interspersed with the original color hair class, create the natural but retains the prominence, attractive for people to. According to the experience of the Baophunuso.com, You can choose for themselves the same colour tone as brown-black, light brown-yellow, the color that will best draw a subtle and absolutely for you. The curls can be the high contrast color.