The boys do not know which hairstyles suitable with themself as well as hairstyle for their face. Each person is false, has a face, each has a private beauty face up we need to copy the hairstyle for the ton of elite beauty for face and attraction of male private fashion style of each person.

Like women, men will sometimes headaches because of the haircut when they go to hair salon. By a combination of facial hair will Crown the beauty of the face the man. On the contrary, the hairstyle does not match faces, costumes, circumstances will cause bad impression with the opposite, make other people think you are a sloppy about appearance or not tastefully.

Which hairstyle that would be fit? Every person born in a private face structure and does not resemble anyone, choosing hairstyles also based on that that decision accordingly. According to experts, the faces of the men divided into 5 main shapes, with every type of surface feature, has the most suitable hairstyle. The following are some suggestions for men hairstyle choice by face from some Men beauty salon:

Round face

Males have a rounded face to the hair as high or turn the throne between the more makes the face become more rounded. The most suitable hairstyle can be bangs 4/6 or 4/7 and roof to the eye can help disguise the rounded part of the face. Besides, Shaver to do the face to have more emphasis.

Sharp face

With the form of the pointed face, cheekbones and Chin pointed behind. You can choose the type of long hair over the head and longer in the back, the neck. Those with beards under the Chin should not be shaved off will reveal sharp Chin.

Square face

Males have a square face look very masculine. However, it can also conceal part of the forehead route by bending the hair wavy to frontal and transverse. This hairstyle will make the jaw is prominent and more impressive. Besides, men should be trimmed to a neat back will add masculinity.

PEAR faces

PEAR side style characteristics is in narrow and wide forehead portion in lower part of the face. Thick hairstyles covered forehead and solar will be very necessary to create a balance of the two faces. However, should not be long hair; to the roof to the top of the jaw is the most suitable.

Long face

People have an elongate shape face style always gives the feeling of a long face. So cut the hair into several “layers” would help improve the situation.