Do you know different types of hair require different hair dryer? This buying guide will help you choose a suitable for your hair dryer.


There are two main types of hair dryer: retail and professional.

  • Retail hair dryers aremainly used at home. Advantages of retail dryer are lighter and more affordable than professional dryer,easy to use and have approximately 500 hours working life.
  • Professional hair dryers are used in hair salons by professional barbers. Advantages of professional hair dryer: dry hair faster, stronger airflow, greater attention to features and longer working life – about 2,000 hours.

Some other types of hair dryer types:

  • Travel hair dryers
  • Dryer hoods
  • Wall-mounted dryer
  1. 2. WATTAGE
    A hair dryer with high wattage will produce more heat and dry your hair quicker.

A hair dryer has wattage between1,300 and 1,800 suitable for most hair type. If you have thick or curly hair, you will need a higher wattage one.

Damagedor frail hair should dry at the lowest heat.


A modern hair dryer have variety of different features, settingsand attachments.

Steam dryers: Softens the hair and helps heat penetrate faster

Cool shot: Provides blast of cold air

Dryer brush: Built-in brush for handy styling and drying needsDiffusers: Help dry hair quickly without ruining its style

Swivel cord: Prevents the cord from tangling

Nozzle: helps airflow for more precise styling

Auto shut-off: Turns the hair dryer off when it is put down and turns it on again when lifted.

The key to preventing damage from hair dryer is to keep it moving. Don’t keep the hair dryer too long in any one spot or you’ll risk damage from over drying.

    There are a number of technologies that can help your hair dry faster and create any style you want.

Infrared: Provides consistent heat

Ceramic: Ceramic hair dryers provide the mild heat to not damage your hair.

Ionic: Ionic break down water molecules to dry faster and retain moisture in the hair for healthier hair.

By helping to neutralize positively charged ions in the hair, ionic dryers also dry your hair and decrease frizz.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a precious gemstone and is considered the world’s best infrared generator and ionic.This gemstone coating includes minerals which target negatively charged sections of hair and breaking down larger molecules of water to dry your hair more quickly. It also seals in important moisture to ensure hair shiny and healthy.

  2. HarryJoshProTools2000 – $300
  3. Infiniti Proby Conair 3Q – $120
  4. Bio Ionic10X Dryer – $329
  5. BabylissPROItaliaBrava – $230
  6. Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry – $170

The important point in choosing the right hair dryer is that: Choose a least damaging hair dryer but it is still staying in your budget. It is better for choosing at the beauty store if you can afford more.