The eyes are the window to the soul, in addition to the look and function of emotions; the eyes are also significant contributions make up the beauty of the face. Therefore, along with the development of technology, more and more people want to resort to cosmetic surgery to get big eyes, beautiful and trance … But to get such eyes are never simple and easy.

What is eyelid surgery?

One type of cosmetic surgery is the most popular in Vietnam at present is the cut eyelid. Cutting the eyelid is the solution for those girls who did not like for an eyelid or eyes accidentally collapsed.

We are Asians due to so many people without the gene adhesive and thus the eyes have only one eyelid. Aesthetic eyelid surgery is a procedure aimed at changing the structure, function and aesthetics of the eye through the removal of skin, fat, muscle, organizational redundancies in eyelid, under or tricks to create folds eyelid. Eyelid surgeries also have many types.

Cut the eyelids is double procedure, the physician will measure and draw the outline of the eye and then, pulling a knife on slit under medium contour drawing. Next, the doctor cut away a portion of tissue in the eye, and then creates the eyelid link by stitching weight lift eyelid with the skin. Cutting this painful but will nevertheless eyelid bring long-term efficiency, the scars will be obscured by the upper eyelid crease. However, it also depends on the skill of the physician, if the surgery is successful, you will have two eye lids are, naturally, also if ran a little eyelid, risk, eyelid deviation occurs is very large.

Press the upper eyelid is more simple procedures, anesthesia, and the doctor will then draw lizards. Next, your doctor will select a very small line or on the eyelid skin and only on continuous stitching, creating two eyelids, or take just inside the eyelid and stitch left. However, eyelid created by this method does not survive for long. Sticky lizards can disappear after 2-3 years. But one thing to note again, that is whether there are successful surgeries may after cutting the eyelid, you will still be “persecuted,” rather than be natural at first.

Many potential complications

However, has become popular but potentially still eyelid surgery so many dangers and complications, not only in Vietnam but even advanced countries in the world, the “Star” in Hollywood (USA) also sometimes is bitter if daily have to suffer from the “beauty” of the upper eyelid.

Why are the consequences so scary?

Nevertheless, the fast implementation time and thanks to the action of anesthetics will help you avoid pain, but surgery eyelid back much more than the threat of potentially. The brightening concentrate many blood vessels, critical nerves, as well as the iris of the eye right inside, all require doctors to exactly when the operation if not want patients to suffer many terrible complications. It is possible that the early complications such as swelling bruising around the eyes caused by bleeding where caesarean section, either side of the eyelid folded; flowing tears do much surgery has tamper urinary apparatus; eyelid fall over…

Besides, while more severe complications such as scarring, bad eye dryness, being concave on the do get fat, too much or conjunctivitis of the eye. The most dangerous is still the hematoma after the eyeball causing pinched nerves or by Visual reflex mechanisms causing muscle spasms of the arteries can cause eye Center-eye permanently. So, before deciding surgery eyelid, you think thoroughly as possible!