Beautiful hair is one of the important elements that make up the beauty of the woman. Therefore, women today are very interested in his hair and always looking for the Hair Salon. Create the hair care needs, create the beautiful trendy hairstyles are increasingly in vogue.

Today the work creates a beautiful hairstyle is quite elaborate and requires you to know how to care for their hair. However, the hairstyle is nice also suit your face; these are important elements to create a perfect hairstyle in many hair service.

Hair styles for oval face

With the advantage, the narrow forehead, zygoma not too broad, small Chin, facial lines soft, compact for you elite, attractive strokes. All hairstyles are honored up harmonious face. However should not choose masculinity too short or hairstyle will take away the inherent advantages of it.

Hair styles for heart faces

A pretty face is “sexy” and beautiful in the eyes of people around. The famous actors such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson … co-owner of the face “lovingly”. Starting from fine coated wide, narrow, and culminating in the stunning compact Chin.

With this face, nice hairstyle for her is to ensure cover is approximately wide on the forehead, wide-open space below. Some hairstyles trimmed ladies slowly, tilting roof, long hair will help the face becomes perfect and more beautiful.

Suitable hairstyles for long faces

This is the frontal bone has side square, high, low eyebrows, long nose and Chin can be pointed or square. The type of hair trimmed or mild perm rack around the face will help reduce the severity of strokes and short face. At the same time limited to hair split between

Appropriate hairstyles for round face

One of the popular faces of Asia, who has a round face with short rounded jaw expansion, usually short nose, forehead shape often have difficulty in choosing costumes.

Some hairstyles for round face short hair tomboy, is embracing the face, the hair, the hair high column of roof deflection … to help the face becomes more compact, elegant.

There are also some beautiful salon hairstyles suit round faces as the Vic, forcing hair ponytail first, bob ..

Selecting suitable hairstyles for diamond face

Diamond-shaped face with broad forehead features, wide jawbone and square Chin. To choose the appropriate hair style with this face then you should to curly hair, curls outward bending light, embracing the face create strokes must stick to help conceal defects.

Selecting suitable hairstyles for pear faces

A reverse side mirror back above the heart, narrow forehead and a gradual expansion of the chin. The type of hair-trimmed ladies slowly from the top down, trimmed hair legs open mode for the compact section where and Chin to help more elegant face. You may to bulging roof comb, skewed roof.

Suitable hairstyles for square faces

A square face bridges, an area of the forehead, Chin, cheeks relatively evenly. This is also the face very hard to choose the hairstyle in hair salon.

Hair to the roof or light, hug, and cheek pieces will help balance and harmonious face. In particular, the type of hair trimmed from top to floor or floor gradually trimmed out behind my back or get your nature will make you more confident girl with square faces.